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MP Stay in Germany India November 2022 Tablet

How satisfied were you with...
the overal programme of your stay in Germany?
with the selection of companies visited?
the topics and content of the company visits?
the interactive training?
the communication with the training center prior to the Completion Stay?
the logistical support for the individual B2B (in case you had any)?
the compliance with Covid hygiene measures?
the accommodation?
the catering?
the cultural programme?
How satisfied were you with the following topics / visits / trainings ?
07.11. Opening Session
07.11. Project Management II
08.11. Intercultural Management II
08.11. Negotiation with German Business Partner II
09.11. Change Management II
09.11. Porsche Leipzig
10.11. IHK Leipzig Chamber of Commerce
10.11. KNPP
11.11. Innovation Management II
11.11. Realists Training Technologies GmbH
14.11. Group Reflection
14.11. Plastic Fischer
15.11. Saxony Trade & Invest
15.11. BIOFABRIK Technologies
15.11. FTRJ GmbH
16.11. Energy Decentral
17.11. Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Cottbus
17.11. IHK Cottbus Chamber of Commerce
18.11. Closing
How useful was the stay...
for getting to know / gaining an understanding for the business culture in Germany?
for getting to know / understanding the country and people in Germany?
for your cooperation projects with German companies?
for you as an addition to the Virtual Management Program?
Did you organise any B2B meetings in advance?
How satisfied are you with those meetings?
What results have you achieved?
Would you recommend the stay?
  • very unlikely
    very likely
Why not?
What was particularly useful for you?
Do you have any suggestions for improving the organisation of the next stay?